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Sometimes good kids make a mistake. Call us today if your teen is facing a criminal charge or traffic citation in Juvenile Court.  Our skilled attorneys frequently appear in most local juvenile courts.

(Lucas County Juvenile Court)

Speeding tickets and car accidents can raise your teen’s insurance rates. In many situations, a skilled attorney may be able to get your citation amended to something with less points and less insurance consequences.  Don’t let your child appear in court alone. Have an experienced France Law Group attorney in your corner.

CRIMINAL CHARGES (Lucas County Juvenile Court)

When good kids make a bad choice, the legal consequences can be harsh. We can help. If your child is facing in-custody detention and/or court fines, then now is the time to call us.  With the assistance of a France Law Group attorney, you may be able to get your teen’s criminal charges reduced, dismissed, and subsequently sealed or expunged.  Don’t let one mistake endanger your child’s future.  Let us fight for you!  FREE CONSULTATION!

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