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Attorney Scott France

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Bankruptcy Lawyer    "What Hearings Are Like"

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Toledo bankruptcy lawyer Scott France offers insight into what debtors can expect when attending the Meeting of Creditors as well as other bankruptcy hearings.  This informative bankruptcy video is intended to give a brief description of what a Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors is like, how long a hearing might take, and discusses what to expect from your creditors.

Experienced bankruptcy lawyer Scott France personally attends most bankruptcy hearings with his clients. Having an experienced Toledo bankruptcy lawyer by your side at a bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors  can provide client protection, comfort, and confidence.

With over 12 years of bankruptcy law experience, bankruptcy lawyer Scott France  offers the perfect balance between experience and price.  Having a prepared Toledo bankruptcy lawyer who is familiar with your bankruptcy case has many client benefits.

At France Law Group, we strive to provide exceptional client service and to use our wealth of bankruptcy law experience to serve and protect our clients from creditors.  51 actual client reviews tell our story.



Bankruptcy Lawyer.
Fresh Start Toledo, Maumee, Lima

Happy Family - Fresh Start after Bankruptcy
Your Fresh Start Begins Here.

Got medical bills? Is high interest credit card debt mounting? How do people pay for a bankruptcy lawyer?  Do bankruptcy lawyers take payment plans? We are a judgment-free zone and here to help you.

Toledo bankruptcy lawyer Scott France helps his clients get a fresh start. Whether the best choice for your situation is chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, or a non-bankruptcy resolution, we offer the right balance of experience and price. Let us help you put the pieces back together and get your fresh start.

During your free initial consultation,  our bankruptcy lawyer will listen to your concerns and help find answers to your bankruptcy questions. Feeling nervous?  No worries, our bankruptcy lawyer is here to be a part of your financial support team.  51 client reviews show how we take care of our bankruptcy clients.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to wipe out most unsecured debts, such as medical bills and high interest credit cards. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan that typically lasts 3-5 years and consolidates your debts into one manageable monthly payment.

Both chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy stop most wage garnishments and lawsuits.  See bankruptcy FAQs below.


SPEEDING TICKETS  $199.00*  Toledo Traffic Lawyer

Speed Limit Board
Can your ticket be amended?

In Ohio, most speeding tickets carry 2 points on an Ohio Drivers License.  Toledo traffic lawyer Scott France frequently appears in Toledo Municipal Court as well as many regional Ohio municipal courts.  Possible benefits of having an experienced speeding ticket lawyer may include less or no points on your drivers license and the possibility of having your speeding ticket amended.

Out of state clients benefit by having an experienced local traffic lawyer protect their interests.  Most drivers are unaware that each state may treat the same traffic violation differently.

*Starting at $199.00, our non-trial limited scope speeding ticket representation is perfect for CDL professional drivers, teenagers, out of state travelers, Ohio licensed drivers, and other drivers trying to limit the number of points on their drivers license.  Read more about our our affordable speeding ticket representation.  A nominal travel fee (typically $30 to $80) may apply for cases outside the metro Toledo, Ohio area.

Toledo traffic lawyer Scott France will personally speak with each client to discuss case specifics and client goals. While no attorney can guarantee an outcome, our Toledo traffic lawyer will work hard to protect your interests.


Toledo Lawyer: OVI,  DUI, Misdemeanors, Juvenile

Say no to Drink and Drive

Toledo OVI-criminal-juvenile-misdemeanor defense lawyer Scott France is a seasoned criminal defense and OVI-DUI. lawyer in Toledo, Ohio.  Having successfully served over 1,000 clients during the past 12+ years, he is a familiar face in most regional municipal courts.  When Toledo lawyer experience and fair pricing matter, contact us.

Defense lawyer Scott France routinely handles a variety of misdemeanor criminal and traffic related offenses, including but not limited to OVI, Assault, Theft, Reckless Operation, Disorderly Conduct, Drug Possession, Wrongful Entrustment, Outstanding Warrants, Probation Violations, Juvenile Delinquency, Underage Drinking, and most traffic offenses. 

A 1st Degree Misdemeanor offense in Ohio carries maximum penalties of up to 180 days in jail and up to $1,000.00 in fines. In most cases, legal representation can be based on a flat fee (cash, check, or credit card).  Toledo defense lawyer Scott France offers the perfect balance of experience and price.  When your freedom and financial security are at risk, searching the internet for the cheapest criminal defense lawyer in Toledo is not a prudent idea. 

Misdemeanor Maximum Jail and Fines 

  • 1st Degree:  180 days / $1,000.00
  • 2nd Degree:  90 days / $ 750.00
  • 3rd Degree:   60 days / $ 500.00
  • 4th Degree:   30 days / $ 250.00
  • Minor:            0 days  /  $ 150.00



Toledo Lawyer Bio: Scott France, Esq.

Bankruptcy Attorney Scott France with his pet dog

A native of Bowling Green, Ohio, bankruptcy lawyer Scott France is well respected in the local bankruptcy, traffic, and misdemeanor legal communities. 

A lifelong resident of Northwestern Ohio, experienced lawyer Scott France frequently appears in most local State and Federal Courts, including Toledo Municipal Court, Toledo Bankruptcy Court, Fulton County Eastern District Court, and many more. With over 12 years of experience, traffic and bankruptcy lawyer Scott France offers the perfect balance of experience and price.  

Click here to learn more about local bankruptcy and traffic lawyer Scott France. Don't just take our word for it, read over 51 actual client reviews posted on Avvo.com.

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Contact A Toledo Bankruptcy Lawyer

Scott France - Bankruptcy and Traffic Lawyer

It's easy to contact Toledo traffic and bankruptcy lawyer Scott France.  Whether by email or phone, most contacts receive responses the same day.  Gone are the days of lawyers who take a week to call you back. Contact us for information including telephone, fax, email, and office hours. After hours and weekend voicemail service is available and such messages are generally returned the next business day. 

France Law Group is conveniently located at 6545 W. Central Avenue in Toledo, Ohio.  Our office is just west of US-23, heading westbound on W. Central Avenues on the south side of W. Central Avenue between US-23 and McCord Road. .  Easy access via stoplight at South Central Park West.  We offer free parking, choice of stairs and elevator service, safe and beautifully maintained surroundings, and evening appointments on select monthly dates (call for availability).  

Bankruptcy and traffic lawyer Scott France offers the perfect balance of experience, price, and location.  No need to pay for expensive downtown parking and no long walks during inclement weather to your downtown Toledo traffic or bankruptcy lawyer's office.  Our free parking is close to the building and we look forward to your arrival.

Actual Bankruptcy Client Reviews:

Reviews on AVVO

5 Star Attorney

Did you now that Toledo bankruptcy lawyer Scott France has received over 50 positive client reviews?  A few of these actual client reviews are below.  A complete listing of actual client reviews can be found at Avvo.com.

  1. "Highly Recommend Scott France"

    "Scott made my wife and I feel so welcome during a very difficult time in our life. He is kind, compassionate and simply a real person. My wife and I highly recommend Attorney Scott France."
  2. "Excellent Attorney!!!!!!!"

    5 stars;  August 26, 2017

    "Scott was phenomenal!! He guided us through the entire process he was extremely detailed oriented, professional, and he and his office staff went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of!!! I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for an attorney with his specialties!"
  3. "Bankruptcy"

    5 stars;  June 8, 2017

    "Bankruptcy is something i thought i would never have to do but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. If you ever have to claim bankruptcy you would definitely want Scott in your corner. He did and awesome job and very reasonably priced."
  4. "Professional and Compassionate Attorney"

    5 stars;  August 12, 2016

    "Scott was wonderful to work with! He was very honest in his advice and he created a no pressure environment. He was professional and considered me as an individual, not just a client. Thank you, Scott and I would HIGHLY recommend Scott to anyone considering bankruptcy."
  5. "France Law Group"

    5 stars;  April 6, 2016

    "I consulted other bankruptcy attorneys, but am very happy I selected Scott France to represent me. He took the time to explain every step of the bankruptcy process and replied very quickly any time I had a question or concern. The express filing program was exactly what I needed."

    Bankruptcy attorney Scott France

    Thank you!

    "A personal thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a voluntary review on our Avvo.com Profile Page.  Actual client reviews not only help us provide the best service, but they also offer valuable insight to future clients who may be searching for the right Toledo lawyer to fit their needs.  We appreciate all of our clients and look forward to serving many more over the years ahead.  Thank you.

    Scott France, Esq.


You Can Afford A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer:

Rated A+ on BBB

     A+ Rated    Toledo Law Firm

Bankruptcy lawyer Scott France is an experienced and affordable chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Toledo, Ohio.  We serve bankruptcy clients from all over the  metro Toledo, Ohio region including both Northern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Our Bankruptcy lawyer fees are reasonable and below the local market average.  While saving money is important, the ultimate goal should be finding a balance between the experience of your bankruptcy lawyer and the fees.  No need to pay overpriced downtown bankruptcy lawyers with high rise offices, nor is it ever a good idea to Google "Cheapest Bankruptcy Lawyer in Toledo."  One's decision to file for bankruptcy relief should be based on careful evaluation of your financial situation and choosing a Toledo bankruptcy lawyer with competitive fees and solid experience, including client reviews.

NOTE: Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers should ask about how bankruptcy lawyer fees can be rolled into the monthly bankruptcy repayment plan.  

Conveniently located just west of US-23, we are a short drive from just about anywhere in the metro Toledo, Ohio area.  Located between US-23 and McCord Road, we offer easy access via stoplight and free parking on site. Nearby landmarks include Taylor Kia, David Broadway Salon, and Chick-Fil-A.  Avoid downtown hassles of paid parking and distant walking.  Onsite elevator service is also available. When you arrive for your free initial consultation, you can expect to meet personally with attorney Scott France.   Don't settle for any Toledo Bankruptcy lawyer, you deserve quality legal representation.  "Take no chance, call bankruptcy lawyer Scott France."


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Toledo Lawyer Scott France




For educational purposes only.  Click here to read more Bankruptcy FAQs


HELP!  I’m being garnished!!  


The filing of a bankruptcy will generally stop wage garnishments. Once a case is filed, the debtor enjoys the protection from creditors known as the “automatic stay” which ends the garnishment and prohibits creditors from contacting you directly during much of the case.  If you have been recently presented  with a creditor lawsuit, you need to know that you have a limited window of time to respond.


What is chapter 7 bankruptcy?  Will I automatically lose my home or car? 


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy essentially eliminates most unsecured creditors, such as medical bills, vehicle repossessions, credit cards, and more. It is often referred to as “Liquidation” as it is possible to lose personal assets due to excessive equity or other factors.  You local chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will take the time to carefully analyze your situation to determine if anything may be at risk.  In many cases, debtors are able to keep both their home and primary vehicle.  This type of bankruptcy is generally less expensive than it’s Chapter 13 counterpart and does not require a monthly payment plan to the U.S. Government.


Do chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys take payment plans?


Generally no.  Some less experienced attorneys may offer post filing payment plans so that they can attract new clients.  However, the concept of a post filing payment plan to a bankruptcy attorney is more complicated than it may be worth.  For example, the primary role of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is to advocate and zealously represent their chapter 7 bankruptcy client.  However, what happens if the debtor fails to make a post filing payment to their bankruptcy lawyer?  Will the bankruptcy lawyer stop his or her representation mid-case?  This is a classic example of "conflict of interest."  Avoiding a conflict of interest is always a prudent idea and it rarely is worth a few monthly post filing payments of $75 to $100.  If you are having difficulties due to a current wage garnishment or other similar obstacle, discuss your situation with chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Scott France.  In some cases, a more prudent solution may be found and will save both the debtor and attorney needless worries.  It all starts with a simple discussion.  Contact chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Scott France today.


What is chapter 13 bankruptcy?  How many months does the repayment plan last?


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is less common than its cousin chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Approximately 10% of all bankruptcy cases filed in Northwestern Ohio are chapter 13.  Chapter 13 cases are a way for debtors to reorganize their debts into one convenient monthly payment plan to the Bankruptcy Trustee.  The average chapter 13 repayment plan lasts three (3) to five (5) years, with sixty (60) being the maximum length of time allowed per the US Bankruptcy Code.  Liquidation risk is not a part of chapter 13 bankruptcies. Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Toledo are more common in some of the following situations:

  • Debtor has enough disposable monthly income (DMI) to make some sort of regular repayment.
  • As an alternative to debtors who may be exposed to liquidation risk if they otherwise filed for chapter 7 relief.
  • Debtors who need a carefully organized repayment plan for non-dischargeable debts such as taxes and mortgage arrears.
  • Debtors who need to stop a foreclosure proceeding, so long as chapter 13 filing precedes a sheriff sale.
  • Debtors facing a home equity "balloon payment" and need a few more years to pay it off, thus keeping their home
  • Debtors who simply don't qualify for chapter 7 eligibility (both Means Testing and Monthly Income Budget testing)



What is the credit counseling requirement?  Are approved credit counseling courses available online and at a reasonable fee? 


The credit counseling requirement is simple, inexpensive, and can be a valuable educational resource.  Each debtor is required to complete two separate credit counseling courses.  The first course is pre-filing, while the 2nd course is post-filing.  These classes are typically offered online for a nominal fee.  At the end of your course, please advise your course provider that a copy of your certificate needs to be sent to your bankruptcy attorney.


How are student loans treated in bankruptcy?


With some very limited exceptions, student loans are generally not discharged.  In rare cases, a hardship exception may apply.  Your experienced Toledo bankruptcy lawyer will be able to apply your particular situation to the exact rule.  Although most student loans survive a bankruptcy, it is possible to negotiate directly with the student loan provider for more affordable repayment options.  Another solution may be Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which is essentially a 5 year repayment plan of your debts.  Your Toledo bankruptcy lawyer can best explain how student loans may be treated within a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


Do I have to go to court?  What is a chapter 7 bankruptcy hearing like?


In most Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, each debtor typically only has to attend one court event (aka “Meeting of Creditors.” )  This meeting occurs about 45 days post case filing. The meetings typically only last about 5-10 minutes and give both the Trustee and any interested creditors an opportunity to discuss the case with the debtor.  Each debtor is required to bring 2 pieces of identification (driver’s license & social security card) and bank statements covering the date of filing.  Most clients residing in the metro Toledo, Ohio vicinity attend a hearing in downtown Toledo, Ohio.  Our clients residing closer to Findlay, Ohio typically attend their hearing in downtown Lima, Ohio.   Your experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will be with you every step of the way.


Can I file for bankruptcy relief without my spouse?


Yes, a married person is permitted to file with or without his or her spouse. Most bankruptcy attorneys charge by the case, not by the person, so it may be more economical to file jointly if both spouses have sufficient debt.  When filing solo, you will need some of your spouse’s financial information, however this requirement does not affect the non-filing spouse.


Will I lose my tax refund if I file for bankruptcy relief?


Be sure to discuss tax refunds with your bankruptcy attorney.  All debtors are required to produce a copy of their last two Federal and State income tax returns.  In chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor may be required to contribute 5 annual tax refunds towards their debt repayment plan.  In chapter 7 bankruptcy, the timing of your bankruptcy case may affect your case, however many debtors risk one annual tax refund, typically the following year.  There are many subtle nuances about income tax refunds and bankruptcy.  If you recently received a large tax refund, it is likely that the Bankruptcy Trustee will require an accounting of its spending.  Not all debtors lose a tax refund.  Your experienced Toledo bankruptcy lawyer will explain what to expect in your particular bankruptcy case.


I filed bankruptcy many years ago.   Can I file bankruptcy again?


If you have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief within the last eight (8) years, you are not currently eligible to do so again.  The eight (8) year clock begins on the date of the previous case filing.  If you are in need of bankruptcy relief, despite facing the eight (8) year rule, one solution is to ask your attorney about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Not the same type of bankruptcy, but it does have the ability to stop wage garnishments, stop home foreclosures, and more.


Can I receive a discharge in Chapter 13 bankruptcy if I recently received a discharge in another chapter 7 bankruptcy?


The answer to this question is a matter a timing.  While each case is different and every debtor should have a detailed discussion with Toledo bankruptcy lawyer prior to filing bankruptcy, typically four (4) years must pass between the previous chapter 7 bankruptcy and the forthcoming planned chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Does it matter if I am currently in a mortgage loan modification program?


It is important that your Toledo bankruptcy lawyer sees a copy of all mortgage loan modification documents before proceeding with either a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing or a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.  A mortgage loan modification may have specific conditions tied to the typically three (3) trial period payments.  It is possible that a debtor may choose to proceed with a bankruptcy filing once all trial mortgage loan modifications are complete the new mortgage loan modification has become effective.  Be sure to discuss and potential or pending mortgage loan modification with your Toledo bankruptcy lawyer prior to filing bankruptcy relief.


What if I receive an inheritance close in time to my chapter 7 bankruptcy?


Losing a loved one is always a painful time in one's life.  The death of a loved one is not something you can always predict.  Sometimes the death of another may result in you receiving a financial inheritance.  Regardless of the inheritance amount, if you may be receiving an inheritance soon, be sure to discuss this important topic with your experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.  A basic guideline is that a chapter 7 debtor who receives an inheritance within six (6) months of their chapter 7 bankruptcy case has a duty to inform their chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney of such inheritance and furthermore a duty to not spend the money.  Upon hearing of the inheritance, your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will notify the chapter 7 panel trustee and determine whether or not the amount will be owed to your bankruptcy estate and subsequently distributed among your creditors.  Many chapter 7 debtors fail to realize that this duty continues for a short period of time after the conclusion of their chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  If you are uncertain about inheritance, call your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer before spending any of the inheritance.


Can I transfer a car title to my relative prior to filing bankruptcy so that the vehicle will be protected?


No. Transferring ownership of an asset on the eve of filing bankruptcy is similar to committing a fraud upon the Bankruptcy Court.  The bankruptcy trustee may look back as far as 4 years when it comes to vehicle title transfers.  A couple of key points to consider here: (1) Why are you transferring the vehicle title? and (2) Are you selling a vehicle for another reason which might be considered appropriate?  When it comes to vehicle title transfers prior to filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, if the primary reason to is avoid liquidation of the asset, then it is likely a bad idea.  Be sure to discuss your asset liquidation concerns with your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer prior to making any sudden changes in asset ownership.  It may be possible that appropriate bankruptcy exemptions exist which can protect your vehicle.  There are other times when the transfer of a vehicle title may be appropriate.  One example may be selling the vehicle to another person (preferably a non-relative or close friend) for fair market value.  A vehicle's fair market value can be obtained by hiring a professional to appraise the vehicle.  Most people begin with an online vehicle valuation search from a trusted site such as NADA Guides.  Simply type in the vehicle's information and you will be given a range of approximate values as they relate to the vehicles condition and mileage.  If you do sell a car for fair market value, be sure to have a proper title transfer performed and to account for the sale income as well as how the money was spent.  Under no circumstances should sale proceeds be used to repay loans or similar monies to friends and family members, otherwise known as "insiders".


I heard the term "chapter 20."  Is there such a thing as "chapter 20 bankruptcy?"


No.  The term "chapter 20" is more of an industry term of art simply meaning that the debtor is purchasing to consecutive bankruptcies.  Usually this begins with a chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge the debtor's unsecured debts.  Once the chapter 7 bankruptcy Order of Discharge is received, then the debtor files a chapter 13 bankruptcy to put non-dischargeable debts such as income tax arrears, child support arrears, and mortgage arrears into one organized repayment plan.  The "chapter 20" concept is less common and typically allows the debtor to make more meaningful payments on their debts which were non-dischargeable in the prior chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Again, "chapter 20" is a term of art meaning 7+ 13 = 20.  A discussion with your Toledo bankruptcy lawyer will help you decide if this is right for you.


Will paying an initial retainer to my bankruptcy lawyer stop a wage garnishment?


Typically no.  For most bankruptcy lawyers, an initial retainer begins general legal representation such as allowing a debtor to refer creditor calls to their bankruptcy lawyer as well as having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer available to answer your questions.  The actual filing of your case, combined with proper notice to all relevant parties, ends a wage garnishment.  Both the debtor and bankruptcy lawyer should diligently follow up to ensure that the wage garnishment was properly ended.


What are bankruptcy exemptions in chapter 7 bankruptcy?


For general education purposes only, bankruptcy exemptions allow the owner of an asset to protect a certain amount of equity in same asset.  If your asset currently has a loan, than you can add the current loan balance (at time of filing) to the exemption, for increased protection.  Ohio is considered to be an "Opt Out" state, thus it creates its own exemptions as opposed to following the federal set of exemptions.  In recent years, Ohio exemptions have grown and many more assets are now able to be protected, as compared to roughly 15 years ago.  The numbers below are recent estimates and your Toledo chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can give you the most up to date chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption amounts.) . Be sure to add your current loan payoff to the exemption amount below.  If your asset is worth more than the combination of your loan payoff + exemption, then you will need to discuss liquidation risk with your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

  • Real Property (Home):  $130,000.00   (debtor must be on deed)
  • Primary Vehicle:  $3,700.00 . (debtor must be on title, limit one exemption, despite whether you own more than one.)
  • Tools of Trade: $2,200.00
  • Cash, Bank Accounts:  $500.00 per debtor
  • Retirement Accounts: (401k; STRS, SERS, PERS, IRA) Fully protected so long as funds remained qualified.
  • Term Life Insurance :(fully exempt)
  • Whole Life Insurance: (varies: considerations in who the beneficiary is and whether the funds are qualified).



Overspeeding ticket

Traffic Lawyer: I-80, I-90, I-75

5 Reasons To Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer:

  1. Possibility of less or no points on your license
  2. Possibility of more time to pay court fines/costs
  3. In many cases, our traffic attorney can appear on your behalf.
  4. Possible insurance benefits (call your insurance provider)
  5. Especially important for both CDL and teen drivers.



  1. Toledo Municipal Court
  2. US District Court (Northern District Ohio, Bankruptcy, Toledo, Ohio)
  3. US District Court (Eastern District Michigan , Bankruptcy, Detroit, Michigan)
  4. Maumee Municipal Court
  5. Perrysburg Municipal Court
  6. Fulton County District Court Eastern Division (Swanton, Ohio)
  7. Fulton County District Court Western Division (Wauseon, Ohio)
  8. Paulding County Court (Municipal Court, Paulding, Ohio)
  9. Defiance Municipal Court
  10. Napoleon Municipal Court
  11. Oregon Municipal Court
  12. Bowling Green Municipal Court
  13. Norwalk Municipal Court
  14. Upper Sandusky Municipal Court
  15. Findlay Municipal Court
  16. Lucas County Common Pleas Court (Toledo, Ohio)
  17. Sandusky Municipal Court
  18. Bryan Municipal Court
  19. Wood County Common Pleas Court (Bowling Green, Ohio)
  20. Sylvania Municipal Court

Henry County Common Pleas Court

Henry County Common Pleas Court





Looking to reinstate your Ohio drivers license?  Helpful resources:

  1. Ohio BMV Locations (statewide locations of all Ohio BMV offices)
  2. Ohio BMV Online Services: Reinstatements and Suspensions
  3. Defensive Driving and Remedial Courses (Safety Council of NWO)
  4. Drivers Education Program (adults and teens)
  5. Driver Intervention Program ("DIP")   (court ordered classes and more; Talbot Services - Toledo, Ohio)
  6. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)   (treatment programming; Arrowhead Behavioral - Maumee, Ohio)
  7. Alcoholics Anonymous (Toledo meeting schedule; court ordered AA meeting stamps)
  8. "AAA Guide To Teen Driver Safety"   SOURCE:  AAA Ohio website; updated 2019



Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyer: Ada, Arcadia, Archbold, Assumption, Bellevue, Bowling Green, Bryan, Cleveland, Clyde, Custar, Defiance, Delta, Edon, Elyria, Evergreen, Fayette, Findlay, Fostoria, Fremont, Gibsonburg, Grand Rapids,                    Haskins, Helena, Holgate, Holland,  Lake Township, Lima, Lorain, Maumee, McClure, McComb, Metamora, Milan,        Monroeville,  Montpelier, Napoleon, Neapolis, North Baltimore, Northwood, Norwalk, Ottawa Hills,  Paulding,                  Perrysburg,  Perrysburg Township, Pioneer, Portage, Port Clinton, Oregon, Ottawa, Rossford, Sandusky, Sherwood,               Swanton, Sylvania, Sylvania Township, Tiffin, Tontogany, Toledo, Upper Sandusky, Waterville, Wauseon, Westlake,               Weston, Whitehouse, Woodville, Ohio.

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5 Star Review

“Highly Recommend Scott France”

Scott made my wife and I feel so welcome during a very difficult time in our life. He is kind, compassionate and simply a real person. My wife and I highly recommend attorney Scott France.

5 Stars


“Bankruptcy is something i thought i would never have to do but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. If you ever have to claim bankruptcy you would definitely want Scott in your corner. He did and awesome job and very reasonably priced.”

5 Star Review on AVVO

Plenty more actual client review where these came from . Click on 52 actual client reviews to see over 4 dozen more highly satisfied client reviews of Toledo bankruptcy lawyer and traffic lawyer Scott France.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer: “Did You Know?”

9/8/19:  8 years from the date of the previous chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is the current wait period for filing another chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Contact us for other related details if you have previously filed for bankruptcy relief.

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