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Fact Check: In Ohio, a typical speeding ticket carries 2 points on your Ohio drivers license. In some cases, it may be possible for our experienced traffic lawyers to have your speeding ticket amended. Free consult.

Speeding Tickets; Toledo, Ohio

Toledo traffic lawyer Scott France is a familiar face in most regional municipal courts, including but not limited to Toledo Municipal Court, Maumee Municipal Court, Fulton County Eastern District Court (Swanton, Ohio), Perrysburg Municipal Court, Napoleon Municipal Court, and Defiance Municipal Court.

Having an experienced speeding ticket lawyer on your side may have many benefits, such as fewer points on your drivers license and car insurance savings. Before you pay for your traffic citation online, call Toledo traffic lawyer Scott France. Free consultation. Contact us today. (419) 725-9300

Speeding Ticket Lawyers… That’s what we do.

Speeding tickets Toledo Ohio
Experienced Speeding Ticket Lawyer: US-24, Ohio Turnpike, I-75, US-23, I-80, I-90

5 Reasons: Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer:

  1. Possibility of less or no points on your license
  2. Possibility of more time to pay court fines/costs
  3. In many cases, our traffic lawyer can appear on your behalf.
  4. Possible insurance benefits (call your insurance provider)
  5. Especially important for both CDL and teen drivers.
  6. Possibility of avoiding a suspended Ohio drivers license.

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Our experienced traffic lawyer provides high quality traffic representation for both local and out of town clients. Free phone consultation or free office consultation. Contact us today.

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Our “limited scope traffic representation” offers an affordable option to clients seeking alternatives to just paying the ticket online. Attorney fees for limited scope traffic representation begin at only $199.00. (travel fees ranging from $35.00 to $80.00 apply to traffic cases outside the metro Toledo, Ohio area. Limited scope representation for these types of cases typically means non-trial representation and a limit of one (1) court appearance for our traffic lawyer. Phone and office free consultations are available. Contact us today. (419) 725-9300

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  1. We will email you an Attorney-Client Representation Agreement
  2. Payment of attorney fees via PayPal (invoiced to client same day)
  3. Copy of traffic citation (email PDF to attorney)
  4. Copy of proof of insurance (email PDF to attorney)
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Speeding Ticket Lawyer: Ohio Turnpike, I-80, I-90, SR 24, I-75, I-475 Ohio

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For record searches and monitoring your traffic case.

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Ohio Traffic Lawyer: FAQs

  1. No point speeding vs 2 point speeding tickets, what is the difference? Generally speaking, it comes down to the number of miles over the speed limit. On most highways with higher speed limits, nine (9) or less miles in excess of the speed limit would be considered no points in Ohio. On most local roads, four (4) or less miles in excess of the speed limit would be considered no points in Ohio.
  2. Does it matter if my drivers license is from another state? Be sure to tell your traffic lawyer about your out of state drivers license. Most states communicate with each other about traffic convictions. Your home state has the ultimate decision as to how they will treat your traffic conviction. Consult with your home state BMV about any traffic violation preferences. Be sure to update your Ohio traffic lawyer.
  3. What if the officer never asked to see my insurance? Showing proof of insurance is a requirement in all traffic cases. Your insurance must cover the date of offense. Our experienced traffic lawyer asks all clients to provide a copy of their valid auto insurance card upon beginning legal representation. Lack of proving valid auto insurance results in additional consequences. The responsibility of showing proof of insurance lies upon the driver, not the police officer.
  4. What if I received a speeding camera violation notice in the mail? Always consult a traffic attorney to confirm what exactly you received. Toledo, Ohio has several intersections with red light and speeding cameras mounted nearby. These cameras are uniquely different as they are civil violations imposing a monetary violation and no points are assessed to an Ohio drivers license.
  5. How can I check the status of my Ohio drivers license? You can review the status of your Ohio drivers license online, including any reinstatement requirements for suspended drivers licenses. Visit the Ohio BMV website.
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Online access to most courthouse hours and addresses.

Local Municipal Court Hours and Contact Info:

  1. Toledo Municipal Court hours, address, and contact information
  2. Maumee Municipal Court hours, address, and contact information
  3. Fulton County Eastern District Court (Swanton, OH) hours, info
  4. Fulton County Western District Court (Wauseon, OH) hours, info
  5. Perrysburg Municipal Court hours, address, and contact information
  6. Defiance Municipal Court hours, address, and contact information
  7. Napoleon Municipal Court hours, address, and contact information

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Speeding: Ohio Turnpike, I-80, I-90

Lucas County, Fulton County, Wood County, Hancock County, Ottawa County, Paulding County, Henry County, Defiance County, Erie County, Huron County, Allen County, Sandusky County, Williams County, Ohio.

NOTICE: Attorney cannot guarantee case outcomes. Choosing an experienced traffic lawyer near Toledo, Ohio is an important decision.

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