Bankruptcy Do’s and Don’ts

Bankruptcy Do’s and Don’ts


Keep a list of stimulus money expenditures
Keep a list of tax refund expenditures
Complete 1st credit counseling course
Submit all docs to attorney prior to filing appt.
Discuss presently anticipated inheritances
Post-retainer, refer creditor calls to atty.
Discuss garnishments with attorney
Discuss active lawsuits with attorney
Discuss updates and concerns with attorney
Get receipts of all paid attorney fees
Discuss responsibilities of both client & attorney
Stay current with home and car loans (if keeping)

Time of Filing
Disclose all open creditor accounts
Disclose all assets
Disclose all domestic support obligations
Disclose all household income sources
Complete payment of atty fees & filing fee
Proofread your bankruptcy petition
Bring support documents whenever possible
Keep open lines of communication w/atty.

Attend your Meeting of Creditors
Bring 2 IDS to your Meeting of Creditors
Complete your 2nd online credit counseling course
Discuss reaffirmations with attorney
Retain all assets until case is closed
Comply with all US Trustee directives
Update attorney of changes of address/phone

*Suggested guidelines to help your bankruptcy case proceed smoothly


Non-essential spending/luxury items
Gifts to family/friends (money, other)
Repayment of loans to friends/family
Transfer title of vehicle or similar assets
Transfer deed of real property
Pre-retainer, no creditor referrals until retained
Assume what the attorney will do
Play favorites among creditors

Time of Filing
Keeping specific creditors out of bankruptcy
Concealing assets
Rush through the filing process
Guessing on important matters

Miss or late cancel your Meeting of Creditors
Sell, transfer, or gift larger assets
Ignore US Trustee directives, even if quiet
Ghost your attorney