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Before Paying That Speeding Ticket...​

Speeding Ticket Attorney Fees Starting at $199.00

Our “limited scope traffic representation” offers an affordable option to clients seeking alternatives to just paying their speeding ticket online. Attorney fees for limited scope traffic representation begin at only $199.00. (travel fees ranging from $35.00 to $95.00 apply to traffic cases outside the metro Toledo, Ohio area. Limited scope representation for these types of cases typically means non-trial representation and a limit of one (1) court appearance for our traffic lawyer. Phone and office free consultations are available. Contact us today by calling (419) 845-8405.


COVID-19 Traffic Attorney Update:  As part of our social distancing responsibility, we offer remote traffic lawyer services, including initial telephonic consultation, contract signing, and payment of attorney fees.  Stay healthy friends!

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Ohio’s Traffic Point System

2 points

●     Speeding 10 mph or more, but less than 25 mph, over a speed limit of 55 mph or greater

●     Speeding 5 mph or more, but less than 25 mph, over a speed limit less than 55 mph

●     Marked lane violation (weaving)

●     Disobeying a traffic control device

●     Disobeying a traffic signal

●     Driving too slow

●     Driving under suspensions for FRA, failure to pay child support, unpaid judgments

●     Failure to yield

●     Failure to yield to pedestrians on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk

●     Following too close

●     Improper passing

●     Improper turn

●     Improper U-turn

●     Operating a vehicle without being in reasonable control of the vehicle

4 points

●     Operating a vehicle in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property (ORC 4511.20)

●     Speeding over the speed limit by 25 mph

6 points

●     Street racing

●     Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (OVI-DUI-DWI)

●     Failure to stop and disclose identify at the scene of a crash (leaving the scene of an accident or hit-skip)

●     Driving under a 12-point suspension, OVI suspension, or other suspension/revocation

*The above point system is subject to change by the Ohio legislature and applies only to an Ohio driver’s license.  Most states participate in an exchange of information regarding traffic citations.  Your home state will be the ultimate authority of points on your license.

**CDL professional drivers are also subject to federal driving regulations.

There is no such thing as a “no point speed” in Ohio.  The term “no point speed” is an industry slang term referring to when your speeding ticket is successfully negotiated down to a different (but similar) no point offense in Ohio.

Failure to show proof of insurance at the scene of your traffic citation can have extended consequences.  This also includes when an officer did not ask to see your valid insurance card.  The burden of proof for showing valid insurance coverage at the time of citation is on the driver.  If your citation does not indicate that proof of insurance was shown at the citation scene, it is important that you show proof of car insurance coverage (relating to date/time of incident) to the Court.  Ultimately, failure to show proof of such insurance will result in notification to the State and possible license suspension.