Debt Settlement Options

Debt Settlement / Relief Services

Our unique debt settlement options are perfectly tailored to clients who may not need full bankruptcy representation, yet have one or two creditors who are causing significant household stress.  Different from out of state debt consolidation firms, we help our clients keep a small collections problem from becoming a much larger court issue.

Many of these aggressive collections and creditor lawsuits can be successfully negotiated down to either a lower lump sum amount or an affordable monthly payment.  Having a France Law Group attorney on your side can help reduce your stress and protect your employment earnings from wage garnishment.  No need for dealing with argumentative debt collectors. In many cases we can resolve a new creditor lawsuit and help our client’s avoid court.

Our debt settlement options are a cost-effective way to resolve a growing collections issue. While our attorney fees vary by case complexity, many of our debt settlement options range from $250.00 to $350.00 per creditor (flat fee; excludes your final debt settlement with the creditor).